Practice Makes Perfect-ly Passable?
Somehow the path of my little dance project has led me to this. A performance. That’s right folks in front of real live people!
Yep, that sh*t cray. The gal who’s terrified of eight counts of eight in a jam circle has somehow voluntarily put herself in a situation to spend an entire song in front of other humans.
For the last 11 weeks I have been practicing my little keds off, trying to get this routine down. I’ve had to learn steps like Solo Charleston, Fishtails, Boogie-backs, Falling off the Log and other whacky names. Note to self, whoever this Shorty George fellow is, I’m gonna kick him in the shin when I meet him.
Not only do I have to get all the steps down, you want me to actually listen to the music AND count? I know I’m Asian and this whole numbers thing should come a bit more naturally but…my overly analytical chick brain keeps overwhelming me to a point where I lose track of everything. And it all just goes blank.
Thanks to my beautiful dance-mates shouting cues like “left foot!”, “step!”, I wasn’t a total hot mess. I would have been even more clueless if it weren’t for them. I was simply determined not to be the weakest link.
See, the thing about these performance situations is that there’s no warming up. You get one shot. That’s it. No second chance. No do-overs. As Eminem put it so eloquently “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo”. Ok, ok so this isn’t that dramatic. We actually get another opportunity in 2 days.

Game time.
Shaky knees? check!
Sweaty palms? Check!
Queeze slash nausea? Check!
Glass of booze? Check!

All that hard work for a mere 4 minutes. All that practice to be, meh.
I’ll let you be the judge (hopefully a not-so-harsh judge 😉


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